Preparing for Athletics Day


After morning tea, Room 6 went to the field to meet Coach Bart. He was going to teach us new skills for Athletics Day. It was very hot and we had to take our sweatshirts off and bring our water bottles to the field. I was excited.

At first Coach Bart taught us how to run on our toes and our heels. We played a game called sheepdog and it was fun but it was hard too. We had to run away from the sheepdogs who had to tag us and if they tagged you, you had to run round a square.

After playing sheepdog, we went to the edge of the field. Coach Bart  taught us how to get ready for a race and we had to sprint to the end of the field and touch the stone wall. Then we played this game when you have to race and tag the person in front of you.

In the end we stood on blue cones and Coach Bart gave us little animal bean bags and we had to jump over them. If we  jumped over them we had to keep moving them further away. I liked learning how to jump as far as I could by swinging my arms and jumping with two feet.

Later we came back to class. I was hot but not too tired.





















Animation Blog – Rugby at Marist

We have been making animations on our chromebooks in Google slides.

I really enjoyed this because I could make my character move.

My favourite part was making the story move.

My story is about rugby at my rugby club, Marist.


About me


Malo lelei my name is Wycliffe. I am 9 years old. I go St Patrick’s School and I am in Room 6 and my teacher is Mrs Agnew. I am Tongan and I can say a few words. I live at home with my parents and my three siblings who are all older than me.

I think I am good at football because I can run fast and get the ball and score goals. At school I enjoy writing stories because I am a good speller. I sometimes find it hard to concentrate for the whole day but this year I am going to try to concentrate for longer.

My brother inspires me to get fit and he wants me to grow up to be a professional soccer player. I want to do this. This year I want to come to school and not be home isolating. I like being with my friends.


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